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Pandoro has operated in New Zealand for 22 years being set up by its original founders to produce and retail the highest quality authentic Italian artisan breads and cakes. The business began from humble beginnings as a small bakery at the top of Parnell Rise in Auckland where the product was baked out the back of the store and then retailed out front. The business grew based on word of mouth and by the superb quality and differentiation that was offered by the handmade bakery products.

The business soon outgrew the premises and a separate wholesale bakery was established as demand grew from restaurants, cafes, lunch bars, caterers and others that wanted Pandoro products to fulfill their special needs.

Since then the operation has expanded to five retail outlets in Auckland and a duplication of the operation in Wellington with a wholesale bakery and two retail outlets.

The business now employs 200 people and remains true to the original formula of providing premium bakery products with exceptional service. Pandoro has the capability to produce a wide variety of Breads, Cakes, Pastry and Sandwich products.

Pandoro remains a family owned, independent bakery with a focus on natural, organically produced products.

The future

At Pandoro we intend to preserve the essential foundations that have made it successful so far. These foundations include:
  • Innovation – A relentless pursuit of new and exciting bakery products of primarily European origin that place Pandoro at the absolute forefront of the industry. To trial and bring these products to market as quickly as possible.
  • Quality and Service – To be totally uncompromising on quality in the ingredients we use, the service levels we deliver and the standards we set for our people.
  • Authentic Artisan – To ensure all the products we produce are authentic and remain true to the Artisan style that has been so important in Pandoro’s development.
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